Industrial districts and areas

The program for implementing Industrial Districts is yet another instrument available to the State for leveraging industrial development. Industrial districts make it possible to implement or relocate industrial projects and related activities.

The land in the industrial districts is sold to interested companies, at subsidized prices, as a form of financial incentive, and for that purpose the same must present an economic-financial feasibility project to the Secretariat of Economic Development, Science and Technology which, if approved, will entitle the company to reserve the land for its implementation.

The municipalities of Rio Grande do Sul also have land for industrial installations, which are negotiated with each municipality on a case-by-case basis, and may even result in property donations. The InvestRS and Sala do Investidor team assists and mediates contact with municipalities that have land suitable for their investment.

Currently, the State has land for negotiation in five industrial districts , partly in the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre and in the Southern Half of the State:

DIAV – Industrial District of Alvorada-Viamão

  • Total area: 258.78ha
  • Infrastructure: implemented, street layout, storm sewer, AT 13.8kV electricity, telephone, and water network
  • Availability of lots: from 5,000.00 m 2
  • Access : road via RS-118 and straight to Alvorada via the municipal road Passo dos Negros (Av. Presidente Vargas)
  • Location: East of the Porto Alegre Metropolitan Region
  • Implemented Companies: 32 units implemented and seven in the final implementation phase


Industrial Area in Guaíba

  • Total area: 932.78ha
  • Infrastructure: in part, street layout, electricity AT 13.8kV, telephone, water network
  • Availability of lots: from 50,000.00 m 2
  • Hits: BR-116 (Porto Alegre – Pelotas) and municipal road of Conde (AV. Ismael Chaves Barcellos)
  • Location: West of the Porto Alegre Metropolitan Region
  • Implemented Companies: one company implemented, seven in project and one undertaking under negotiation with the State

DIB – Industrial District of Bagé

  • Total area: 67.56ha
  • Infrastructure: implemented, street layout, AT 13.8kv and 69kv electricity, telephone, water network
  • Availability of lots: from 3,000.00 m 2
  • Hits: road via BR-153 and Rua Anselmo Garrastazzu, rail within the area via ALL concessionaire.
  • Location: South of the State, east of the urban area of ​​Bagé
  • Implemented Companies: two units


DIRG - Industrial District of Rio Grande

  • Total area: 2,526.41ha (including the Export Processing Zone - EPZ), or 1,982.69 ha (without the EPZ)
  • Infrastructure: complete, street layout, water and storm sewer networks, AT 13.8kV and 69kV electricity, telephone, retro-port zone (Super Porto de Rio Grande)
  • Availability of lots: from 10,000.00 m 2
  • Hits: road - BR-392 and Av. Port of Rio Grande; waterway - maritime port and Patos lagoon waterway; railway - railway network, ALL concession; air - regular airline by NHT
  • Location: South Coast of the State, next to the Super-Port of Rio Grande
  • Implemented Companies : 32 units implemented and five in the implementation phase


DIMT - Industrial District of Montenegro-Triunfo

  • Total area: 718.58ha
  • Infrastructure: complete, street layout, electrical power networks in AT 13.8kV and 69kV, telephony, water network and gas availability. Possibility of using the Santa Clara river port, owned by Copesul, about 6 km from the site
  • Availability of lots: from 15,000.00 m 2
  • Hits: road - BR-386 (Tabaí-Canoas), RS-124 and TF-010; waterway - Rio Caí and Santa Clara port, from Copesul; railway - ALL branch
  • Location: Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre, next to the Petrochemical Complex of Triunfo
  • Implemented Companies: currently eight implemented, two of which are large and one is in the implementation phase

DIB – Industrial District of Cachoeirinha

  • Total area: 262 ha
  • Infrastructure: complete , paved road system, HV electric power networks, drinking water, rain and sanitary sewage, telephony and data, natural gas
  • Availability of lots: unavailable
  • Hits: Av. Frederico Ritter and Av. of Industries
  • Location: Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre, in the urban area of ​​Cachoeirinha, about 12km from Salgado Filho airport
  • Implemented Companies: 68, predominantly medium-sized companies


DIB - Industrial District of Gravataí

  • Total area: 301.08 ha
  • Infrastructure: complete, paved road system, electricity networks, drinking water, rainwater and sanitary sewage, telephony and data, natural gas
  • Availability of lots: unavailable
  • Hits: BR-290 (Free Way) and RS-118
  • Location: Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre, south of the urban area of ​​Gravataí, next to the Free Way and BR-118, about 21km from Salgado Filho airport
  • Implemented Companies: 27, predominantly large and medium-sized companies

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