Innovation incentives

As a way to stimulate the economy, Rio Grande do Sul has specific policies, programs and actions to encourage innovation, science and technology.

Through the Innovation Law (nº 13,196, of 07/13/09), measures to encourage innovation and scientific and technological research in a productive environment stimulate the formation of strategic partnerships aimed at the search for technological autonomy, training and competitiveness in the process of industrial and social development.

The main financing instrument for Innovation that the State has is INOVACRED, a credit line with resources from FINEP (Brazilian Innovation Agency) in which BADESUL and BRDE act as onlending agents. This line of financing aims to encourage innovation in micro, small and medium-sized companies. BRDE also has two more special lines aimed at innovation:

  • BRDE Inova, which aims to support the development of new products, processes or services, innovation in marketing or organizational innovation in the production environment and fixed investments in the modernization of the company's facilities
  • BRDE BNDES Innovative MPME, which seeks to support innovation in companies with annual revenues of up to R$ 90 million

Through the Secretariat for Economic Development, Science and Technology (SDECT), programs such as the Support Program for Technological Poles, the Rio Grande do Sul Science and Technology Parks Program (PGTEC), the Support Program for Technology-Based Incubators and the Creative Industry Program. In 2015, more than R$ 15 million were made available through public notices for these programs.

Support Program for Technological Poles

Technology Parks Program

Support for Technology-Based Incubators

Support for the Creative Industry