Credit lines

Rio Grande do Sul has a robust financial system to support long-term investment projects. There are three public financial institutions dedicated to foster investments in the state:

badesul horizontalBADESUL

Badesul, the fostering agency linked to State Department of Economic Development, Science and Technology (SDECT), intends to promote the economic and social development of Rio Grande do Sul State, offering a range of long-term financial solutions to public sector projects and to private companies. The Badesul specializes in financial solutions for industry, commerce, services, infrastructure and innovation.


Logo BRDEBRDE - Southern Regional Development Bank

Rio Grande do Sul State, Santa Catarina, Paraná Development Bank is specialized in long-term financing, guarantees and advisory in forwarding  corporate projects to other institutions (BNDES, FINEP etc).


Logo BanrisulBanrisul

Banrisul is a multiple bank, of open capital, controlled by the state of Rio Grande do Sul. It is listed on Level 1 of Corporate Governance of BM & FBovespa SA -. Securities, Commodities and Futures Exchange since July 2007. Banrisul's shares take part of the calculation of seven stock indices presented below, composing the Brazil Broad Index (IBrA), recently created.

It offers a wide range of financial products such as personal, real estate and import and export loans, long-term financing with its own resources and with resources obtained from government institutions, credit lines for agriculture and livestock, business credit, and various forms of investments and services.

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