Energy Balance of Rio Grande do Sul

The Energy Balance of Rio Grande do Sul (Balanço Energético – BERS) is the most traditional document of the state’s energy sector that disseminates, through extensive research, all the records related to energy supply and consumption in the state, including activities and operations associated to exploration and production of primary energy resources, conversion into secondary forms of energy, energy import and export bills, distribution and final use of energy.

The BERS is of essential importance for planning and monitoring activities of Rio Grande do Sul’s energy sector. The document contains historical series of the several operations related to supply and demand of different energies, as well as information on reserves, installed capacities and relevant data obtained from companies, agencies, institutions and sector organizations.

The BERS is annually issued and is one of the main sources of information and research on statistical and energy data from Rio Grande do Sul. It also includes data from annual energy supply and demand data, among other relevant information.

BERS 2015 provides the same technical quality of previous issues and adopts the methodology used in Brazil’s National Energy Balance - BEN.

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