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The cooperative movement is one of the main economic forces of our state. Together, the 434 state cooperatives have 2.7 million members, they generate about 59,000 direct jobs and have a total annual revenue of $ 36 billion. We have 132 cooperatives operating in the agribusiness sector, 91 in the credit sector and 59 in the health sector - with the other economic sectors comprising the remaining cooperatives. The state cooperativism has OCERGS SESCOOP-RS as the main coordination institution.

The state cooperativism is protagonist among the main Brazilian companies, according to the survey "Best and Biggest: the 1,000 largest companies in Brazil," by Exame magazine. According to the survey, 17 state cooperatives are in the main rankings of their sectors - 14 from the agricultural sector, two from the health sector and one from the credit sector.

The state cooperatives  were best represented by those devoted to the agribusiness activities. Among the 50 largest ones from the agribusiness sector in the South Region, according to the net sales criterion, three state cooperatives appear in the ranking - Cotrijal from Não-Me-Toque, Cotrisal from Sarandi and Cosuel / Dahlia Alimentos, from Encantado. The ranking of the 400 largest agribusiness companies has 14 cooperatives from Rio Grande do Sul, mainly from Central, Alto da Serra do Botucaraí and Vale do Taquari regions, representing a total of six cooperatives.

The health and credit sector  also show the importance of the Rio Grande do Sul cooperatives In the list of 150 best companies to work we can find five state cooperatives: Sicredi, Unimed Central de Serviços/RS, Unimed Missões/RS, Unimed Porto Alegre e Unimed Vales do Taquari and Rio Pardo.


Unimed Porto Alegre (Porto Alegre/RS)

  • Unimed Nordeste RS (Caxias do Sul/RS)


  • Cotrijal (Não-Me-Toque/RS)
  • Cotrisal (Sarandi/RS)
  • Cosuel – Dália Alimentos (Encantado/RS)
  • Cotripal (Panambi/RS)
  • Coopatrigo (São Luiz Gonzaga/RS)
  • Agropan (Tupanciretã/RS)
  • Cotriel (Espumoso/RS)
  • Coopermil (Santa Rosa/RS)
  • Coagrisol (Soledade/RS)
  • Cotrisel (São Sepé/RS)
  • Camnpal (Nova Palma/RS)
  • Languiru (Teutônia/RS)
  • Cotricampo (Campo Novo/RS)
  • Cotrisul (Caçapava do Sul/RS)


  • Sicredi

Source: Sescoop-RS


For a general list of state cooperatives, follow the link.

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