Stage 3 - Implementing the investment

Rio Grande do Sul state is one of the most promising states in Brazil and South America for new investments, and our team is prepared to offer all necessary assistance to ensure the success of your venture. By means of professional, confidential, customized and no cost services the InvestRS team is committed to support the investor in all stages of the project, from obtaining basic information about the state to the intermediation with the most relevant actors in the process and the implementation of the investment in Rio Grande do Sul. The following stages represent the basic services we provide. The service to the investor fits to the specificities, relevance and to the maturity of each project.

One-Stop-Shop to implement the investment

Sala do InvestidorWhen the entrepreneur defines the general lines of his investment in Rio Grande do Sul, he joins the Room for Investors to build a competitive and sustainable project. Each project is operated by a manager prepared to assist the investor in his decision-making process. His function is to perform a professional and efficient communication between the entrepreneur and the other public and private actors related to the mentioned project. The Project Manager is responsible for the management of the investment project with the other actors of the state government (the State Departments of Finance, Environment and Sustainable Development, for example), with the federal government, municipalities and other needed actors to structure  the Value proposition and Tax Incentives. In case of approval of the Value proposition, the process will continue to be managed by the Room for Investors until the conclusion of the investor’s and government actions for the final implementation of the project.

Examples of services that we provide:

  • Coordination with all the Project partners
  • Identification of areas, plots and real state compatible with the investment
  • Forwarding the environmental licenses at the State Department of Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Relationship facilitation with the state financial system (Badesul, BRDE and Banrisul), Industrial Districts and environmental licensing
  • Design of a Value proposition and Tax Incentives (Fundopem, Integrar-RS, Lei do Bem ou Pró-  Inovação) at the State Department of Finance

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