Stage 4 - Developing the business

Rio Grande do Sul state is one of the most promising states in Brazil and South America for new investments, and our team is prepared to offer all necessary assistance to ensure the success of your venture. By means of professional, confidential, customized and no cost services the InvestRS team is committed to support the investor in all stages of the project, from obtaining basic information about the state to the intermediation with the most relevant actors in the process and the implementation of the investment in Rio Grande do Sul. The following stages represent the basic services we provide. The service to the investor fits to the specificities, relevance and to the maturity of each project.

Support for the growth of the Investment in Rio Grande do Sul

Fechando negócioAfter implementing the investment in Rio Grande do Sul, our team remains in contact with the company in order to give support to the growth of the company to become more and more competitive, as well as developing, expanding and adding value to its activities in the state.  

Examples of services that we provide:

  • Support to the export promotion
  • Identification of local suppliers
  • Development of supply chains to improve competitiveness and productivity
  • Setting up partnerships with local universities and research centers

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