Innovation Systems: Parks, Hubs and Incubators

Innovation Systems, such as Hubs, Parks and Technological Incubators, consist in a coordinated set of agents that connect knowledge and innovation to production. In this regard, Rio Grande do Sul has created programs to promote each of these components of the system and play a prominent role in research, development and innovation in Brazil and worldwide.

 Parque tecnológico TecnopucThe Program of Support to Technology Hubs has currently 27 hubs. These consist of institutions that work together to increase the development of their region, and are established according to the criteria of the Regional Development Councils (Coredes). It is an effort that involves human resources, laboratories and equipment from universities, private companies or public bodies and associations, targeted to the creation of processes, products or services. In each of the hubs there is at least one university responsible for the execution of the research projects consistent with the local productive vocations.

Technology-based incubators are responsible for integrating scientific research, technology transfer and development of new products. The RS Incubators program supports this activity in Rio Grande do Sul. New incubators can register for the incubators program at any time to apply for funding, as public announcements for the release of funds are launched every year.

 Indústria de jogos digitaisAs for the Rio Grande do Sul’s Program of Technology Parks, it aims to contribute to the expansion of investments in scientific and technological research, technological development and incorporation of new technologies, by increasing the competitiveness of the State’s economy. These tools will stimulate the generation of business, work and income. This network, currently formed by 12 parks registered at the program, induces the creation of local companies and the attraction of investments to Rio Grande do Sul.

The innovation system of Rio Grande do Sul in figures:

  • 27 technology hubs
  • 12 registered technology parks, 14 technology parks associated to Rio Grande do Sul’s Network of Parks and Incubators (Reginpe)
  • 19 registered incubators
  • At least two large startup accelerators: WOW and Ventiur
  • 190 startups, in 30 cities, registered by Rio Grande do Sul’s Startups Association

 Mapa dos parques tecnológicos do Rio Grande do SulSuccess stories:

  • Tecnopuc was elected Brazil’s best technology park, in 2016, and won the Prêmio Nacional de Empreendedorismo Inovador (national award for innovative entrepreneurship)
  • Tecnosinos was also elected Brazil’s best technology park in 2010 and 2014
  • In 2014, Raiar incubator, of Tecnopuc, was elected Brazil’s best incubator by the National Association of Entities Promoting Innovative Enterprises (Anprotec)


Technology Parks that are partners of InvestRS:

OCEANTEC: Science and Technology Park of the Sea

Oceantec aims to promote the interaction of researchers, research laboratories and postgraduate programs with the productive sector, in order to develop innovative products/processes that stimulate the social and economic development of the Southern Region of Rio Grande do Sul. Oceantec will work in collaboration with the following segments and partners: Biotechnology, Oceanic Industry, Logistics, the Port-Maritime Cluster, Automation, IT and Internet of Things (IoT), Chemical Industry, among others.

TECNOPUC: Science and Technology Park of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS)

The Tecnopuc – PUCRS’s Science and Technology Park is the result of an integrated action of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS), the state government and local companies to create an environment of innovation in order to increase the competitiveness of its players, improve the quality of life of their communities, ensure academic excellence and promote the scientific and technological development of the region. It is a multisector science and technology park, involving more than 130 companies (HP, Microsoft, Stefanini, Totvs, Thoughtworks, ThyssenKrup, Sicredi, Getnet, etc), focused on Information Technology and Communication, Life Sciences, Energy and Environment and the creative industry. Tecnopuc counts on institutes and research centers in the fields of Neurosciences, Nanotechnology, Molecular and Functional Biology, Tuberculosis, Solar Photovoltaic Energy, Petroleum and Natural Resources, among others.

TECNOSINOS: São Leopoldo Tech Park

Located in São Leopoldo, at the Vale do Sinos region, Tecnosinos was established in 1993, in an initiative of local entrepreneurs that invested in technology to develop their region. São Leopoldo gained worldwide visibility thanks to the development of an entrepreneurial culture and the generation of thousands of jobs by Tecnosinos. The Park has currently 80 national and international companies and a turnover of more than R$ 2.5 billion. Most companies are specialized in Information Technology Automation, Engineering and Semiconductors; Communication and Digital Convergence; Health Technologies and Socio-environmental Technologies. Large global companies join dozens of startups incubated and graduated from Unitec (Innovation and Technology Unit), generating innovation and further stimulating the economy. The modern and cosmopolitan environment of Tecnosinos has turned Rio Grande do Sul into a technology cluster, attracting national and international companies every year and developing innovation and sustainability.
Tecnosinos’ governance is based on a triple-helix model between the São Leopoldo’s Commercial, Industrial, Service and Technology Association (Acist-SL), the Sinos River Valley University (Unisinos) and São Leopoldo City Hall. Unitec is the university arm of Tecnosinos, responsible for the executive management of the park. The involvement of an educational institution supports the permanent development of the environment, offering research and qualified labor to the companies. Unitec has triggered an essential cycle of economic and social growth in the city.

TECNOUNISC: Regional Science and Technology Park of UNISC

TecnoUnisc is an environment of production and management of technologies focused on its areas of activity. The Park favors the development of technology-based, entrepreneurial and innovative companies. It is aimed to develop actions that promote the interaction and synergy between research and development activities, which generate innovative products, processes and services. This is done through a continuous flow of knowledge and technology transfer between universities, companies, the government and the society. Currently, the park has 17 companies of the segments of Information Technology, Internet of Things, Biotechnology, Oleochemistry, Environmental Technology and Systems and Industrial Processes.

ZENIT: Science and Technology Park of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS)

The Zenit - Science and Technology Park of UFRGS was created in 2012 to foster the University's research, innovation and entrepreneurship system, through new ideas that transform the productive sector and bring innovative products and services to the society. Zenit has five technology incubators that house 27 innovative projects from various sectors, particularly Information Technology, Engineering and Physics and Biotechnology.

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