Ruá (Apoio em Sistemas e Serviços de Identificação Ltda.)

 Ruá
Information Technology and Public Safety
Small Size

Ruá Start acts as a software developer, signing its own products and applications as complementary solutions to customers and partners. Uses facial recognition technology integrated with your applications. The goal is to complement the client’s systems in the areas of access, security and management.

Looking for:

1. Capitalization, through merger or acquisition, to internationalize your products and expand the market. It also seeks to expand sales and marketing efforts to the Brazilian and international markets through channel development and integration with international strategic suppliers
2. Technological partnerships to develop technologies in the fields of Integration with RFID / Beacon; Multi Biometrics (voice, iris, finger beyond the face); IoT; LoRa - long range, low power wireless plataform; Robotics; On Card

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