Altus Sistemas de Automação S.A.

Industrial Automation and Process Control
Medium size

Reference in the industrial automation and process control market for more than 30 years, Altus Sistemas de Automação has a complete line of products to serve customers from the most diverse areas of national and international industry. With its own technology, Altus develops a relationship of commitment with its customers, presenting as a competitive advantage the mastery of technical knowledge about the equipment, its installation and operation. To fulfill this requirement, Altus has a specialized department for research and development of new products. Today, in Brazil and abroad, products for supervision and control that stands out for the high degree of connectivity and possibility of expansion, even allowing the use of equipment from other manufacturers on an integrated way. Relying on research, development and application engineering teams, Altus always offers the best platform for the market: complete line of CPs, remote, industrial automation networks, specialized software and experienced technical staff in applications for the electrical, oil and gas, automobile transportation, steel, sanitation, manufacturing, food and other processes.

Looking for:

1. Development of strategic commercial partners for commercialization and market development of Programmable Logic Controllers and Remote Terminal Units for industrial automation and process control

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