Grupo RPH (MJM Produtos Farmacêuticos e de Radioproteção Ltda.)

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Pharmaceutical Industry
Medium size

MJM is the Brazilian leader in the production and commercialization of freeze-dried kits for use in nuclear medicine (radiopharmaceuticals). It is the only Brazilian private company that holds the Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices, issued by Anvisa, for the production of this kind of product. Another company in the group, RPH Radiofarmácia Centralizada, installed the first centralized radiopharmacy in the country. Although pioneered in Brazil, this work model with centralized radiopharmacies is consolidated in the health systems of the highest quality concept countries in the area. The RPH Group delivers complete solutions for physicians, clinics and hospitals in Nuclear Medicine through its three business units. RPH Pharma: Pharmaceutical industry. RPH Services: offers training and management services in Radiopharmacy. RPH Central Pharma: Centralized Radiopharmacy, which handles and distributes doses of individual radiopharmaceuticals ready for administration in patients.

Looking for:

1. Technological partnerships and possible joint ventures with companies in the sector
2. Commercial partnerships to increase radiopharmaceuticals exports, seeking commercial partnerships with local agents

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