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Agricultural Technology

AGR Differential is a company focused on the agricultural sector. We manage the Mais Soja portal, a news and technical information website geared to the entire soybean production chain. We also have a distance learning platform, More Soy Courses, where video-lessons are taught by experts from the areas in question. The Mais Soja portal has more than 85 thousand followers in social networks, more than 20 thousand people accesses the portal daily, and our newsletter system has more than 6 thousand entries.
Mais Soja Cursos has partnerships with renowned experts in its areas of activity, being the only distance learning platform that offers free courses focused on the agricultural area. In addition to this, we are working on the development of an online plataform of monitoring and phytosanitary management of soybean crop. It will be the only platform with alerts (first occurrence, severity and dispersion of weeds, pests and pathogens) and participatory production of contents and maps, aiming at increasing crop productivity.

Looking for:

1. An investor who brings resources to develop the platform, as well as all the other related systems
2. Business partnerships to reach new customers

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