Straatmann & Wendel LTDA

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Socio-environmental technology

The company is currently inserted and being supported by the Incubator of the University of Santa Cruz do Sul (Unisc). One of the main focus is to keep developing one of their own projects, that involves water treatment for consumption without the use of chlorine. The company presents practical and effective solutions in its projects, customizing each one according to the existing demands, always considering the best cost-benefit relation to comply with the legislation, and always taking care of and preserving the environment.

Looking for:

1. Partners to develop a project to disinfect water using ozone. The goal is to launch a compact system for residential use in decentralized regions
2. Fundraising for projects completion, for laboratory analysis and pilot scale testings
3. Commercial partnerships to commercialize products resulting from the projects (which will be a residential ozonizer adaptable to any water reservoir, composed of flow sensor and ozonizing cells that perform gas / water mixing through the pitot-ventury system)

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