Cesalon Centro de Serviços em Aços Longos

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Steel for civil construction
Medium size

Specialized in steel solutions for civil construction, Cesalon counts on the main suppliers of the segment, providing services with the highest technology, aiming at improve productivity and reduce losses and costs in its work. Headquartered in Canoas, Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre, in an area of 6 thousand m2, Cesalon has state-of-the-art equipment and professionals trained in the process of cutting and folding and manufacturing welded ribbed fabrics, columns, beams and stirrups.

Looking for:

1. The company's project is to be producer of steel mesh for civil construction, using CA 60 in special sizes, according to the customer. In the State, the only producer is Gerdau, which produces on a large scale. The idea of the project is to popularize the product.
2. Investments for capitalization, in order to acquire equipment to make your project viable

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