Divimec Tecnologia Industrial Ltda

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Wire Cutting Machines
Medium size

Founded 29 years ago, Divimec is leader in Brazil in the manufacturing of cut lines for coiled steel segment. Headquartered in the municipality of Glorinha, the company has a factory structure of 12,000 m², where it has all the internal processes, such as: engineering, boilermaking, machining and assembly for the need to guarantee agility and precision to production. Since its foundation in 1988, it has been consolidating its domestic market leadership for processing of steel coils machines and equipment. It achieved important relevance in the Latin market, exporting to Mexico, Chile, Paraguay and Argentina. Divimec produces various equipments for the processing of steel coils such as Longitudinal Cut Lines, Cross Cut Lines, Whitening Lines, Multiblanking Lines.

Looking for:

1. To merge with a company of the sector through the acquisition of a percentage of the company. The objective of the merger is to internationalize the company and gain scale to reach emerging markets and product innovation from the union of solidified expertises in the area of operation

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