Save Engenharia

Environmental Engineering Services
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Save Solutions is a company that provides services to various business sectors, offering complete solution to your business. Headquartered in Canoas, was founded in 2009, it has a highly qualified technical staff - including chemical engineers, geologists, chemists, environmental engineers, environmental managers, biologists, architects and lawyers specialized in environmental causes, among others. The main mission is to provide customers with integrated and effective solutions that, at the same time, protect the environment. The company develops projects in the environmental area, environmental licensing processes, management of contaminated areas, waste management, environmental management system, methodologies for control, transportation, recovery, reuse and waste collection and disposal, searching for technologies and solutions that allow the development of economic activities based on environmental sustainability.

Looking for:

1. Technological partnership, as well as capitalization through a merger with a company of the sector, to make feasible the project of centralization and capture of industrial and commercial waste (class I and II waste and composting)

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