Defense, Security and Aerospace

With qualified human resources and numerous concentration of military institutions, Rio Grande do Sul has one of the largest technological and industrial centers of Defense and Security products and services in Brazil. One of the largest troops in the country's Armed Forces is concentrated in the state. The municipality of Rio Grande is home to the 5th Naval District of the Brazilian Navy. Porto Alegre, the state capital, is home to the Southern Military Command, which has around 50,000 soldiers (25% of the Brazilian Army's workforce) and 75% of the mechanized means existing in the land force. Canoas, in the Metropolitan Region, is home to ALA 3, the military organization responsible for representing the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) in the states of the Southern Region.

State companies operate especially in the following segments:

  • Development of systems and simulators
  • Maintenance, repair, adaptation and modernization of vehicles for the sector
  • Avionics
  • light weapons
  • Telecommunications
  • cyber defense
  • Microcontrollers
  • Remotely piloted aircraft
  • experimental aircraft

Due to the strong military vocation of the Central Region and the need to promote this potential to foster regional development, the APL Pole of Defense and Security of Santa Maria was constituted. The arrangement brings together businessmen from the sector, representatives of the Navy, Army and Air Force, teaching and research institutions, public authorities and strategic entities. Rio Grande do Sul still has two other defense centers with actions supported by the State Government: the Serra defense center and the Metropolitan Region defense center.

The State has a wide network of vocational education and higher education institutions. In matters related to Defense, the Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM) is a national reference. In addition to having signed a Memorandum with the Brazilian Army, he inaugurated the first undergraduate course in Aerospace Engineering in Rio Grande do Sul. The UFSM Acoustic Engineering course, in turn, signed a protocol of intentions with the Brazilian Navy to enable partnerships in teaching, research and development projects.

Within the wide network of science and technology parks in the State, Santa Maria Tecnoparque was recognized by the Brazilian Association of Defense and Security Material Industries (Abimde) as one of the three technology parks in Brazil focused on Defense and Aerospace. In 2016, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Department of Science and Technology (DCT) of the Brazilian Army and Santa Maria Tecnoparque with the aim of promoting the exchange of technical and human resources so that companies associated with the park can meet science demands , technology and innovation of the Brazilian Army.

Sector Opportunities

  • The simulation segment: live, virtual and constructive simulation
  • Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAs) - uses such as crop spraying and public and private security, for which Rio Grande do Sul has a robust electronics chain and a special potential market in agribusiness.
  • Armored vehicles: National Army Armored Instruction Center based in Santa Maria (RS), demand for simulators, modernization and nationalization of parts, systems and components.
  • Systems, video surveillance technologies and adapted vehicles

Success Stories

AEL Sistemas - Headquartered in Porto Alegre (RS), it has been dedicated to the design, development, manufacture, maintenance and logistical support of advanced electronic systems for 40 years, focusing on the aerospace, defense and public safety markets. Qualified for the supply, design and development of avionics, optronics, communication systems, space systems, ARP (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) and simulators, the company participates in strategic projects of the Brazilian Armed Forces such as Gripen NG, KC-390, Guarani and SISFRON - Integrated Border Monitoring System. Through advanced technologies and knowledge, modern infrastructure and systematic training, AEL produces state-of-the-art, reliable and innovative solutions, with the quality of its products and services recognized internationally.

AGRALE - Headquartered in Caxias do Sul, it is a highly international company in the automotive sector. The Agrale Marruá family of vehicles was designed to serve the Armed Forces and manufactured according to strict specifications. The vehicles can be equipped with different implements, for use in different types of operations and services, such as: reconnaissance, guarantee of law and order, ambulances, transport of troops and as alternatives for the Police and Security Forces. In addition to meeting the demands of the Brazilian Army, the Marruá has already been acquired by several countries, in addition to being used in UN peacekeeping missions.

KMW do Brasil – the company with more than 177 years of history and one of the leaders in the supply of land vehicle systems, has its regional presence for Latin America based in Rio Grande do Sul and offers complete solutions for land operations, from vehicles LEOPARD 1 and 2 Combat Vehicles, GEPARD Anti-Aircraft Vehicle, PzH2000 155mm Artillery System, vehicles on wheels from 5 to 38 tons of the DINGO and BOXER models, military bridges, as well as competence in the area of ​​civil and military training and simulation, as well as in information and command and control systems that set the standard for firepower, protection, mobility and combat payload. The Armed Forces of more than 50 countries around the world use KMW's tactical systems. Its Brazilian plant is headquartered in the city of Santa Maria (RS), with 180,000 m² and a broad integrated logistical support contract with the Brazilian Army, effective until 2027.

PARKS – headquartered in the municipality of Cachoerinha, Parks offers digital solutions for communication, including the development and manufacture of optical, 4G and Ethernet equipment for high-speed internet access. It participates mainly in the optical fiber segment, in the IT and Telecom markets, supplying GPON, POL, Routers and Media Gateways equipment, as well as software, installation and maintenance services for optical networks, infrastructure, network projects and component resale . It holds an important share in the passive optical equipment market and supplies its products to the main operators, internet providers, mini operators and the corporate sector.

SITMED – headquartered in Flores da Cunha (RS), produces rescue and emergency equipment and is a pioneer in Brazil in the production of aluminum alloy rescue equipment. The company was founded in 1998 and its product line highlights equipment for use in ambulances, such as: retractable stretchers, rescue chairs and immobilization boards. It also includes international standard products such as the bi-articulated stretcher and the pantographic stretcher. With all its experience in the pre-hospital rescue segment, Sitmed introduced its newest line of products to the market, used for military medical evacuation. The Medevac Systems line was developed to provide safety, comfort, resistance and agility during critical operations

TAURUS - Taurus is a Strategic Defense Company, a traditional manufacturer of weapons for individual use, being considered the world's largest producer of revolvers and the fourth best-selling brand in the United States. The company has a complete portfolio of products consisting of revolvers, pistols, submachine guns, rifles, carbines, rifles and shotguns. This wide range of products and the high production capacity, combined with the modern industrial park, allow the company's products to be present in more than 85 countries distributed in all continents, serving the military, police and civilian markets. Its industrial plant is located in the city of São Leopoldo (SP).

Defii Software Atelier

Ruá (Support in Identification Systems and Services Ltd.)

Skydrones Tecnologia Avionics S/A