Strategic location

Located in the south of Brazil and in the center of Mercosur, Rio Grande do Sul has easy access to the largest consumer markets in South America. Within a radius of 1,500 km from the capital, Porto Alegre, are located global metropolises such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires (Argentina), as well as important population and industrial centers such as Belo Horizonte, Montevideo (Uruguay) and Córdoba (Argentina) . Within this radius is the largest population concentration in Latin America, with more than 150 million inhabitants, easily accessible by air, road, rail and waterway. This region also concentrates more than 70% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of South America, with easy access to services and suppliers.

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With 281.7 thousand km², the territory of Rio Grande do Sul is comparable to countries like Poland (312.7 thousand km²), Italy (301.3 thousand km²), Philippines (300 thousand km²), Ecuador (283.6 thousand km²), New Zealand (270,500 km²) and the United Kingdom (242,500 km²). The state borders the state of Santa Catarina to the north, the Argentine provinces of Misiones and Corrientes to the west and Uruguay to the south. To the east, the coast of Rio Grande do Sul is bathed by 623 kilometers of coastline.

According to the Brazilian Institute of Statistics (IBGE), in 2021 the population of the State of Rio Grande do Sul is estimated at more than 11.5 million inhabitants, comparable to countries such as Belgium (11.5 million), Czech Republic (11 mi), Greece (10.3 mi), Sweden (10.2 mi), Portugal (10.1 mi), being the fifth most populous state in the Federation.

Flight time from Porto Alegre:

  • POA-SP: 1h40
  • POA-RJ: 1h50
  • POA-BSB: 2h25
  • POA-Buenos Aires: 1h45
  • POA-Lima: 4h50
  • POA-Panama: 7:15 am
  • POA-Lisbon: 10:30 am